MEF Grants: 2017-2018 School Year

During the 2017-2018 school year, the Maynard Education Foundation (MEF) awarded over $30,000 in grant monies to thirty teachers and seven students, enabling each to bring something new and exciting to Maynard Public Schools.

Thanks to your support, the Maynard Education Foundation (MEF) awarded the following grants to teachers and students during the 2017- 2018 school year:    

    • Telescope Kits and Solar Viewing Glasses for MHS Astronomy Class (Rita Murphy, MHS)
    • 12 VEX IQ Robots (Mark Sinopoli, Fowler School)
    • STEAM kits and materials for 3rd Graders (Nate Thomas, Green Meadow)
    • Chess Board and Clocks/Timers for MHS Chess Club (John Ogden, MHS)
    • Participation in the New England High School Emmy Awards (John Ogden, MHS)
    • Archery equipment for Physical Education classes (Brenda Sullivan, Fowler School)
    • Printer and materials for MHS Photography students (John Ogden, MHS)
    • Story Grammar Markers and Materials to aid students with storytelling (Kindergarten Team, Green Meadow)
    • Lakeshore Real World STEM Challenge Kit, Lakeshore STEM Early Learning Kit, and Lakeshore STEM Science Station. (Kindergarten Team, Green Meadow)
    • Materials for Chill Zone (Michelle Sullivan, Fowler School)
    • Extreme Science Assembly at Fowler School (Mark Myers, Fowler School)
    • Sponsorship of “Maynard & Massachusetts Leading the Nation Senior Project Business and Community Luncheon” (Leadership Grant, Dr. Gerardi, Superintendent of Schools)
    • Attend the Mass. Reading Association Conference (Denise Hatch (on behalf of the 6-8th grade ELA Team), Fowler School)
    • Participation in the MA Association of Student Councils (MASC) Spring Conference (Student Grant, MHS)
    • Key Comprehension Routine Course for 25 teachers at the Fowler School (Denise Hatch, Fowler School)
    • Participate in Wilson Language Training (Jennifer Fioretti, Green Meadow)
    • Set of Walking Classroom Audio Materials (Denise Hatch, Fowler School)
    • 40 Teacher Bundles of “Which One Doesn’t Belong” and 20 Geometric Poster Sets (Terri Morrison, Fowler School)
    • Wobble Stools (Jennifer Fioretti, Green Meadow)
    • Materials for “Glow to Grow Concussion Walk-a-Thon” (Student Grant, MHS)
    • Drones to be used for Media Classes at MHS (Student Grant, MHS)
    • 3 virtual reality headsets for virtual reality research/study about solitary confinement (Student Grant, MHS)
    • Rocket Kits and Materials for after-school STEM program at Fowler School (Student Grant, MHS)
    • Social Emotional Games for Green Meadow School (Student Grant, MHS)
    • Develop a lesson plan that will be presented by the New England Aquarium during their “Tidepools Adaptions Program” at Fowler (Student Grant, MHS)
    • Digital Edition of “The Choices Program” (Mike Waldron, MHS)
    • 2 students will attend the National Junior Classical League Convention (Student Grant, Fowler and MHS)